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Community Works Virtual Lessons

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CW Enrichment Instructors are professional artists and educators in the community selected not only for their artistic talent, but their ability to engage students and exhibit classroom management skills. We hope you and your family can enjoy these additional learning opportunities. Please contact us at with any questions or to contact a CW Instructors.

Meet Our Instructors

All CW Instructors are professional artists, musicians, photographers, dancers, STEM professionals and more.


Join us in STEM lessons that connect science, technology, engineering, and math to creative disciplines.



Join us in Dance lessons from Creative Movement to Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop and More.



Join us in Music lessons from Percussion and Singing to Songwriting and Fractions.


Visual Arts

Join us in Art lessons from Drawing and Sketching to Fashion and History.


Join us in all things Sport and Workout related.


Join us for Cooking Tips from decadent to healthy and Wellness Activities for the whole family.


Storytelling / Drama

Join us in telling stories with words, song, and our bodies in motion.

Please contact for more information about Community Works Instructors.