Stay-At-Home Response

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Message from Executive Director, Chandler Nutik:

Updated on April 1, 2020 – As our partners, donors, and friends we want to share the steps we are taking to not only support young people and their families but also our Enrichment Instructors and Directors who are the backbone of Community Works. With each day we continue to learn from this experience and we are adapting to keep our mission active.

For Our Families

(1) CW program staff are creating distance learning content for families.
(2) We have connected program staff with families who are first responders or work in essential services to help with childcare.
(3) We have delivered over 100 meals/day to families that cannot leave their homes at this time.

For our Instructors

(1) We have given all of our hourly program staff the opportunity to work remotely and over 80 are currently.
(2) We continue to assist all program staff with resources for additional income as many of them are artists, musicians, or work in the gig economy.
(3) We are providing paid training opportunities through distance learning.
We acknowledge that as we adapt as an organization in the coming times, we will continue to do so with our community in mind.