Statement of Solidarity

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Message from Community Works:

Updated on June 1, 2020 – Community Works stands in solidarity with all people and organizations fighting against racism, white supremacy, and police brutality against black people. Our hearts are with the families of George Floyd, Breona Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Modesto Reyes, and the countless other black people who have been murdered in this country based on the color of their skin. We echo the call for police officers who inflict violence against black people (and those who stand silently witness) to be charged to the highest degree of accountability.  We also call on law enforcement agencies to accept responsibility for their officers’ actions and make the changes necessary to reverse systemic racism within their ranks. 

From our founding in 2009 and for far too long afterward, we believed that we were doing our part in fighting systemic racism by centering our mission on increasing equitable access to innovative programs that engage young people. We now realize that working for equity is not enough. We must actively fight racism to help effect the kind of change that is necessary to protect and respect the dignity of all American lives. 

We recognize that the structural racism that is contributing to violence and killing of black people by police officers is part of the same system that is causing an achievement and opportunity gap for the young people that participate in our programs.  There is much work to be done, and we commit to being an anti-racist organization that plays a large part in that work. 

Community Works action steps: 

–   We are scheduled to participate in Beloved Community’s Equity in Schools cohort starting in June 2020. In that cohort, we will complete a Comprehensive Equity Audit, a 3 Year Equity Work Plan, and attend 8 Racial Equity Workshops.

–   We will continue to have our admin team and program staff participate in racial equity training led by local organizations like PISAB, CENO, WYR, & Overcoming Racism. At least 20 staff members will attend at least 1 racial equity training each year. 

We will continue to provide ‘trauma informed teaching’ training and resources to all Enrichment Instructors.

–   We will incorporate racial equity in our curriculum planner so that all of our instructors teach their classes with a racial equity lens.

–   We will maintain a diverse program staff with a percentage of POC instructors that at least equals the percentage of young POC in our programs.

–   We will maintain a board that is comprised of at least 50% of people of color.

–   We will prioritize hiring people of color for any new management roles within the organization and look to build black and brown leadership. 

— CW Team