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History of Community Works

Community Works of Louisiana (CW) was started to fill the need for arts integration instruction in the public and new charter school movement throughout Louisiana. Fueled by the success of integrating arts enrichment classes into extended learning programs, CW extended its services to include grant writing and comprehensive program management.  Since 2009, Community Works of Louisiana has successfully provided enrichment-integrated afterschool and summer programs to public and charter schools throughout the state. CW has a network of over 100 passionate and highly motivated Enrichment Instructors, in all disciplines, eager to share their talents and facilitate a unique learning experience for Louisiana students.

Everything CW does is rooted in the belief that extended learning opportunities like afterschool and summer programs are most impactful when they look and feel different then the regular school day. For example, our instructors help your students master numeracy and literacy through activities like learning dance steps and writing film scripts. In our programs, the students are constantly engaged in activities that reinforce what they learn during the school day, yet they are having too much fun to even realize it.