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Community Works Summer Enrichment Program

June 7th – July 2nd      Rising 1st – Rising 8th        

2504 Maine Ave. Location        

We have a TON of FUN planned with enrichments like: Music, Art, Theater, Dance, and Outdoor Activities.

*Some weeks of this program are supported by 21st CCLC and are considered tuition free*


ENROLLMENT: Registration is required before a child may participate in the program. 

STUDENT PICK-UP:  Late pick-ups will be charged $15.00. If you are repeatedly late, your child may face suspension per the Site Director’s discretion. After 5:30pm without parent contact additional measures will be taken to ensure student safety.  CW will make every reasonable effort to only release students to the person (s) designated by the parent/guardian on the registration form.  Once a student is signed out by a parent/ guardian the CW Program is no longer responsible for that child.  Parents must come into the designated area to sign-out students daily. If a student is to be released to anyone other than the person listed, the Site Director must be notified, directly.  I.D. will be required if someone unfamiliar to CW staff arrives to pick up your student.   

BEHAVIOR: CW will follow the Discovery Behavior Standards. Please see Parent-Student pledge for more information.

MEDICINE DISTRIBUTION:No medication can be administered or consumed unless both a doctor and a parent/guardian have submitted the appropriate forms and medication to the CW Site Director. We strongly encourage families to dispense both temporary and maintenance medications outside of program hours. There may not be a nurse on site at all times during the Community Works Program.  Community Works can not guarantee that a trained medicine disbursement individual is on site at all times. Medication needs to be in the original container with the appropriate prescription label (including the name of the student, the name of the medicine, the date, the dosage information, and directions for administering the medication) and the appropriate LA Administration of Medication Form. We store and administer the medicine in a secure location. Please be aware that the medication cannot travel back and forth to program – once it’s given to us for your child’s use, it must remain with us until it needs to be refilled. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to ask for two separate prescriptions when at the doctor’s office with your child. Students are not allowed to have medication (prescription or nonprescription) of any kind in their possession at the program and it should not be placed in their bags. One adult in the presence of a second adult, with the exception of a life-threatening emergency, shall administer medication. A log of medication administration, by individual, will be kept. The log will contain the name of the student, the name of the medication, the dosage to be given, and the time to be given. The person giving the medication will record the date and time of the administration of medication and sign their name. The witness (second adult in attendance) will initial the log. If an error is made in recording, the person who administered should line out, initial the error, and make the correction in the log. If any adverse reaction to medication occurs, the parent/guardian will be notified and if necessary, 911 shall be called. At any time the use of an Epi-pen is administered, it MUST be followed by a call to 911. 

STUDENT TO INSTRUCTOR RATIO (or SUPPORTING STUDENTS WITH ADDITIONAL NEEDS): Community Works Summer Programs enforce a 15:1 Student to Instructor ratio. If your student has one on one attention during the school day, please identify this on the registration form.

FEES: By registering you agree to pay all program fees associated with the CW Summer Program.

COVID: Community Works Programs will enforce all COVID-19 procedures and protocols designated by Discovery Schools.

CW does not provide any refunds. Summer Program Fee is due in full. Your signature on this page verifies that you have read the above and below information carefully and agree to abide by all conditions of the Community Works Program Agreement.