CW Pods

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Let CW’s experienced Instructors take the pressure off you!

CW Pods offer half-day  (3.5 hours) and full-day options (7 hours) for working parents. Pods meet every weekday except and each pod determines their daily hours.

Health and safety are very important to Community Works. CW Pods will provide instructors with set protocols and will assist in implementing any additional protocols designated by the Pod families.

CW Pods will support virtual academics by keeping students on track with their live classes, supporting independent study time, and providing reassurance so your student doesn’t get left behind.

CW Pod Instructors are musicians, artist, performers, teachers, and more who will facilitate your child’s online learning while supplementing it with additional fun enrichment activities.

All pricing is based on an 8 student pod.

Full day  (8am-4pm) – $750/child/month, if the pod is full

Half day (8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm) – $450/kid/month, if pod is full

CW is working with local funders to help support Pod learning.  Until that time please see information about the cost above.

Do you have a pod of 8 and a place to host daily sessions?

Great! CW will set you up with an experienced Instructor that matches your need. Please note: that pod location can only change weekly. When considering your home for a pod please think about: space usage for physical distancing and wifi usage.

Are you looking for a local pod?

Great! CW will help coordinate building a pod with other families and provide an experienced Instructor that matches your needs as a group.