CP3 Afterschool Zone All-Star Performance!

CWLA Enrichment Instructors Giselle Nahkid, Clark Richardson, and Zynani Nahkid lead students in an All-Star Performance at the CP3 Afterschool Zone, yesterday, December 14th. Students performed African Dance and Drumming routines along with a presentation of artwork created during the program.

CWLA has 6 enrichment instructors in Partnership for Youth Development (PYD) programs. Currently, 3 at the CP3 Afterschool Zone and 3 at the newly opened Iberville Afterschool Zone providing instruction in Graphic Design, Computer Animation, and Music Recording.

CWLA is proud to partner with PYD in creating positive afterschool programs that change the lives of local students.

Check out Videos of the students’ All-Star Performance!